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Originally Posted by Zero.Zero View Post
There was also a 1991 owners manual where he wrote down that it was sent back to glock for an update. That explains the updated label on the box. The receipt says he paid $499.99 back in 1988. Im going to take better pictures tonight.
I bought mine in either March or April of 1988 for $450 plus tax. I sent mine back for the upgrade/improvement to the trigger mechanism sometimes in the early 1990s as well, either 1992 or 1993.

Originally Posted by patcrad View Post
Look at the internal parts: trigger bar, plunger, etc., if they are a gold or silver color then they were most likely replaced by Glock when it was sent back. The original parts would have been black. They would have affixed the new label at that time.
I didn't pay attention to a new label. I was pissed because I shipped the G17 back to Glock in my original container and it came back with the new non-cartridges-slotted box.

Originally Posted by Goodspeed(TPF) View Post
$250.00 - $300.00 would seem fair depending on overall condition. -Goodspeed
Try again. I wouldn't sell my G17 Original Perfection for twice that price. Or even triple that price. Can't find another one so easily to replace it. Y'all can keep your fingergrooved, upgraded, stippled Glocks. I'll stick to the real deal.
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