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Mike Willard (SwampFox) Passed Away


Fellow GT'ers, I have sad news. Mike Willard, the owner of SwampFox Ammo, passed away on 11/05/2011.

Well known for his "Nuclear" 10mm ammunition, Mike often contributed to general 10mm and reloading discussions. Those of us who had the opportunity to talk with him knew he didn't just make great ammo, he was an all around nice guy.

Because he ran his business all by himself, he did not have any employees to notify us about his passing. I spoke with his brother this afternoon while inquiring about an order I had with SwampFox. (I apologize for not getting his name.) His brother said that there was nobody to take over his business and that SwampFox Ammo would be shut down. (He talked about how Mike had his own recipies for his ammo and he didn't write any of it down.)

I felt that inquiring futher about my order was not appropriate, so I do not have any information to assist those of us with credit card charges but no ammo. Sorry I can't help you there.

My thoughts and prayers go out to Mike and his family/friends. He will be missed.
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