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Barry soetoro from what I've read is unable to prove any accomplishments. I know he wrote about using drugs. He's effectively proven to most that he's an educated do nothing. Of course that seems to be the status qoue. I'm a die hard Ron Paul guy myself, he's stands for the constitution. I guess soetoro fans are pretty die hard too, cause I guess they like the socialism. Anyway my answer is No. The guy is shady. I believe he is the biggest practical joke ever played on civilization. I mean seriously barrak huessein obama? We had 911 and we seriously elected a guy with that name? And to boot I've read that that name isn't even registered as a real name( no ssn) . I could rant all day and night about the president, but I won't. It's up to us to get our government in line, our fault for letting it get this bad.
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