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I have a recommendation for a flashlight. is selling a limited run of Quark high-CRI LED lights. They are exceptional. They're not on sale, but they are of limited supply...apparently it's hard to come by high-CRI emitters in large quantities. I purchased two and am very pleased. These look and act a lot like incan lights. They are frequently compared to the incan SureFire 6P for color quality. This is an enthusiast's light, and the aficionados at CPF are snapping this batch up.

High-CRI lights don't drop as much of the color wavelength as regular LEDs do. What it means, is that objects look more natural and colorful, not "LED-flat," which typically drops aqua and red out of the spectrum. It's for the reason of "LED flatness" that many police continue to use incans...easier to spot perps in the dark with a dimmer incan, than a bright blue-tint LED, due to incan's superior color rendering. While the LEDs aren't up to 100% CRI like incans are, these high-CRI lights are in the 85-90 range, meaning...pretty darned good color rendering for an LED. Plus all the benefits of an LED (longer lasting, tougher, brighter, more efficient.)

Oddly enough, the current batch of 4sevens limited-run Quark Neutrals (which were much anticipated for the past year, since the first batch of Neutrals were phenomenal) are a big disappointment with all kinds of off-tints. So don't wander over to the neutrals and buy one of those, thinking you're getting something equivalent.

Sorry for the lecture. I probably should have made this its own thread.
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