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I don't even know what to say. Mike was a great guy. I'm sure we will all remember his great ammo for years. It will likely be legendary around here for some time. He REALLY was a great guy. Those words get tossed around pretty freely, but they are certainly applicable here. Even though he was struggling to keep his ammo manufacturing business afloat, he would help me with load data. I can't imagine ANY other ammo manufacturer sharing trade secrets like that. That's something only a good man would do.

He always seemed very honest and available to his customers, and truly deserved a long life. It's so sad to hear that he's gone, especially at only 50 years of age.

About two seconds before I read this, I was starting to worry about Mike and Swampfox. I was thinking about how severely this Underwood company is going to cut into his business. I was hoping he would find some way to compete. Obviously, that is no longer a concern. It's a sad day for the 10mm community. I just wish I would have known before the funeral, so I could have sent flowers or something.

Mike, you will be missed. Rest in peace.
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