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Originally Posted by akgunnut View Post
Last April (2006), I nearly became a stabbing victim in a Wal-Mart parking lot, and that was my wakeup call that I am responsible for my own safety and well being.

I strongly believe in the right to self defense, and the fact that the cops can't protect you all the time. Another thing I believe in is that criminals don't only hang around the dirtier parts of town, some of the more "safer" places can be prime targets for bad guys, so I'm always armed at all waking hours.
I wear my Glock all the time i'm awake as well. That is just one way to get use to carrying. Carry should be automatic not something you have to think about. Should you find yourself in a situation where you have to pull your gun, your mind doesnt need to be thinking about if you have your weapon or not. My defining moment occured at a Seattle bus stop. I was waiting for my bus when these 3 thugs walked right up too this dude and without warning just started pounding on him. They beat him uncouncious and broke 5 bones in his face. I was helpless to help the guy. And it could have been ME! I am a disabled Vet with a partial foot amputation and a prostetic eye, so I felt really vulnerable. So I bought my Glock and got my CCW a month later. Now I shoot twice a week, am taking gun classes and I also bought a Mossbeerg for truck and home. There has been an increase in home invasions and I want to share some minerals with anyone who decides to make me a victum. Minerals=Lead

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