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When the "War on Drugs" started in the 60's I do not think it was intended to becoem the oppressive, Constitution shredding assualt on the citizens of the US it is now. I have a friend who did 2 years in prison under the Rockefeller Law's in the 70's, all because he had 2 joints. Another friend cashed his Christmas Club check a couple years ago, got stopped for speeding on the way to the mall and had his $2500 confiscated by the police. In the town I once lived in a kid was growing about a half dozen pot plants. His parents home was seized by the police and auctioned off. One old guy cashed in a CD and took the money to a local car dealership to pay cash for a new car. The cops were called and they took his money too. According to the local newspaper, it cost him almost $5000 in lawyer fees to get his $30,000 back.

There is a whole industry that has developed over drug testing. Even the local fast food places and supermarkets are now testing applicants. Our local police departments have become in far too many instances militarized and unapproachable. At least half of the population of our prisons are there for non-violent drug crimes, and violent felons are being given early release to make room for more.

To me, the was on drugs has become a war on the American people and the US Constitution.
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