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Cheap and/or unsafe products are regulated in just about every industry. Why should guns be treated so special?
They are so special that they are the only(?) industry created item specifically called out in the constitution with regards to RIGHTS.

The point of my post is that what I support are proactive measures to make sure that people who shouldn't have guns don't get them.
Who is to decide and under exactly what criteria as to who is and is not allowed to have guns? You? Me? A group of you's? A group of me's? If it is a group, how many? what criteria is required? simple majority, 2 thirds, 90 percent? I think this position is one of someone who supports other people's rights, as long as those people in question's decisions are the same as yours. This is simply one man trying to exert his authority of life over another man's authority. This is called forced slavery, and men are willing to die to stop it. I have more respect for the man who stands up and tells me he is my enemy and has plans against me than the man who pretends to be my ally and is only interested in protecting his personal agenda over the God give rights of every free man.

Still at odds with the Rights violators.
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