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Originally Posted by John Rambo View Post
Again, remember that the only gun control measures I support are those that work to proactively keep guns out of criminals' hands without infringing upon our rights.
Name ONE such law! The countries with the most severe gun control laws also have thriving black markets in firearms. Banning or restricting firearms has been shown to have an effect on crime; it goes up! Throughout history, there has never been a single instance of a gun control law leading to a reduction in crime.

As said above, if a person should not have a firearm, they should not be walking the streets. For everyone else, gun control is a joke. And when NICS denies a person based on their 'criminal past', 90% of the time it's a case of similar names, or mistakes in the record. And you do not consider that an 'infringement' on the rights of the person who is mistakenly denied? Shame on you!

Prior to 1968, in most states anybody could walk into the local hardware or gun store and walk out with any rifle, pistol, or shotgun the store had without ANY paperwork, background check, or questions except maybe "How many shells do you want with that". I challenge you to show how the many gun control laws passed since then have reduced crime.

Gun Control only controls the law-abiding citizen.
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