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I can personally attest to this. For some reason right after Katrina I started have a “HOLD” put on my purchases. They never call back! And the “three” day wait thing is a joke. If it happens on a Monday then it actually takes 4 days. Monday doesn’t count and you can’t picket up your firearm until Friday. If it happens on a weekend you have Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday you can pick up Thursday. If there is a holiday or holidays involved it can take longer than a week. Took me seven days once.

Go-ahead, try to find out what the problem is if you dare. I did! Here’s the progression. The final straw was... "Sorry, even if I had that information I couldn't tell you." Now what I can do is fill out a farm and give them my life history and submit fingerprints and they will give me a “SPECIAL NUMBER” so I can have the “PRIVILEGE” of an ”INSTANT” background check. Through no fault of my own I and many others also, have my/our right(s) ”SUSPENDED” “INFRINGED” through a system that is illegal in the first place.

I feel sorry to those that are “denied”. Their only choice is to give the Gummynet all the information it wants and pray they can get it cleared up. But the majority thinks NICS is the best thing since sliced bread and there is no infringement. The dubbing down of America has worked.

That happens to this Customs agent I know. This guy has to walk around with a damn paper incase he gets pulled over. And flash it with 15mins of explanation to buy a gun. By the way, he has a CWP. Yeah exactly, the give him to legal right to carry a gun, but not to buy one without having to wear his uniforn(full weapons rig) into the gun store for additionalsupport of proof...
All because his felon brother used his name.
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