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The federal restrictions on firearms essentially amount to barring felons from owning firearms, and restricting heavy weapons.

So, for those saying you want "Constitutional Carry" in the absolute purest sense, you have no problem with a 2-times convicted serial rapist carrying a gun, right? Because saying he can't? That's gun control. You realize this, yes? When comments are made like "I think every legal person should be allowed to carry however they want", you are already putting restrictions in place. Define "legal person", or more correctly, define how someone is NOT eligible. Welcome to the world of "reasonable gun control."

The federal government doesn't determine May Issue/Shall Issue/No Issue, either. For all of you screaming about the exact wording of the 2nd Amendment, you realize that - as it stands right now - this has NO BEARING on most gun control laws, yes? Most restrictions on things like permits, magazine capacity, open/concealed carry, these are all state-level or lower laws. The 2nd Amendment applies to the FEDERAL government.

So, which are you? Are you a 100% supporter of the 2nd Amendment? Or do you believe in states' rights? Because the two CAN BE mutually exclusive.
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