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Originally Posted by polyman305 View Post
You tried talking to a lawyer, just getting some advice about it? Because lawyers can make 1 phone call that will get further than your 500 calls/emails/letters ever will. I hope this is not the case but it sounds like someone may have used your name. Also, if NICS is missing some type of info on you like if your citizenship,military discharge, birth certificate, or something is slightly off or whatever that can always get you a non approval.
They don't want us to have guns anyways man. So its not like they will be in a hurry to resolve your issue. I know it sucks like a hooker on a sat night guy.
Thanks for the advice but....

My middle name is not a common one. I give them my middle name not just an initial and my SS#.

I’ve had nothing but bad experiences when dealing with lawyers. Lawyers have lied to me on more than one occasion causing me grief. My daughter too! Divorce lawyer lied through her teeth. My daughter got screwed and since then the lawyer has hung her out to dry. I want nothing else to do with lawyers.

I’ve said ever since NICS was rumored that honorable men and women would get screwed by it. I just never imagined I’d be one of them.

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