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NO!!!!! "No free man shall ever be debarred from the use of arms" Thomas Jefferson
The following is should how it should be.

Felons still can't get firearms, drug related offenses must be over 10 yrs ago to purchase(no burst/full auto allowed), domestic violence must be over 8 years ago to purchase (no burst/full auto allowed).

Handguns-18 y/o w/ safety class(like hunters safety course held at local gunstore) 21 w/o the class, Military personnel exempt from taking class

Long guns- 16 y/o

Suppressors- 18 y/o over the counter purchase

No capacity limit on magazines

Conceal carry- Military personnel will have a condensed course Held on base. This would fall under the same AR that the motorcycle safety course falls under. This would be required to conceal carry on gov installations(proof would be just easy as having a meal card made). If personnel convicted of field grade art.15's can not participate. Personnel on staff duty, leadership, and Courtesy patrol(cp) WOULD BE REQUIRED TO CONCEAL CARRY.

FBI instant check still in effect

No wait time

No limit on quantity

I think I tapped everything I wanted to annndd LESS THAN TWO DAYS IM BACK HOME STATESIDE WAAAHOOOOO

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