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Digital Camo Kydex Now Available!

Comp-Tac Victory Gear now offers Digital Camo Kydex for outside the waistband holsters and magazine pouches for all your favorite Glock pistols! This new Kydex features a printing process that injects the pigment of the camouflage pattern directly into the Kydex rather than print only on the surface. This injection process ensures a permanent image that will not rub or flake off over time.

Gregg Garrett, the founder of Comp-Tac, tested this new Kydex out himself to see if the digital camouflage pattern really is permanent. He applied a generous amount of brake cleaner to the Kydex and noticed that "It's just making the Kydex cleaner". Comp-Tac representatives have also test this out with bleach, isopropyl rubbing alochol, "accidentally" spilling coffee on it, and actually keying the holster just for good measure. The camouflage pattern really is permanent.

This new feature is a Comp-Tac exclusive item that can only be purchased at! For more about this feature, contact a Comp-Tac representative at (281) 209-3040 from Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm CST.
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