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She's a keeper!!!!

Originally Posted by Ken52789 View Post
Nice buck!!

i'm still waiting on getting something with my glock :( hopefully tonight that changes
Hey congrats on the buck ctious! That's awesome.

I too just had my first Glock 20 harvest! This morning, about 15 minutes after daylight she and several others came rite up the fence row i was sitting in between 2 cut corn fields. 15 yards quartered to me a shad more than i would've liked, but the shot was there and i felt pretty good for 15 yards. I am more than comfortable with that range keeping my shots every bit of inside a pop can. Corbon 135gr JHP @ 1450fps (factory projected) proved instant Lights Out. The Corbons were my ammo of choice because of the 3 different boxes i have, those were what i shot the most accurate and consistent. I was after a well place shot and got what i was looking for. Late doe season only here in southern Michigan. Still have one tag left, see what i can do!

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