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I couldn't tell you where the best deal is, but I do own and carry a P2000SK in .40, with the LEM trigger. I think it's an excellent trigger system. I usually carry mine in an ankle holster. It's light and compact, and comfortable to carry and shoot.

I use the magazine baseplate with the finger lip, rather than the flush mag base. It doesn't add significantly to the bulk or outline of the pistol, but it feels better in my hand and I think aids in the grip and ergonomics of the handgun.

The P2000SK is a great choice. My only complaint, expressed here before, was each magazine supplied by the factory; all three mag springs lost their spring and went "flat." When I spoke with the factory about it, I was told that I shouldn't leave the magazines loaded, and that it destroys the springs. I haven't seen this to be the case with any of my other HK's, and I think the factory counsel is idiotic, but take it for what it's worth. After the magazines sat for a period of time, removing one or two rounds from the magazine released all tension, and the others could fall out or jam the firearm.

I should add that I haven't come across anyone else who had this same problem, and reiterate I haven't had it with any of my other HK's. It could be a one-off deal, but seems extremely coincidental to happen to all three magazines.
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