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Originally Posted by mattkats1 View Post
I see these for sale often but I'm always a day late. Does anyone know of a good deal on a P2000sk in 9mm or a stainless USPC in 9mm? Looking for a low round count and in great shape.

I've owned a P2000sk in sa/da and loved the ergonomics and accuracy. After having a G19, I really liked the trigger pull and consistency it had, would the light LEM be close to this or am I way off? The sa/da always makes me hesitate before firing but the Glock setup was perfect for my taste.

I know they are out there so I am throwing this out in case any of you have seen one for sale locally or at a gun show. THanks in advance for any help.

Please email me as I rarely check this site.
light LEM is more similar to the glock trigger than da/sa, but they're not really the same. there's a long and very light take up before the break on the LEM trigger, something the glock trigger doesn't have. I converted my USP to light LEM recently, I think I prefer the glock trigger more, but I don't dislike the LEM at all. You can find more in detail discussions on
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