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The Ruger "copycat!" folks are always good for a laugh. In almost all cases, Ruger improves the other design. The LCP and LC9 are much better-finished and better-functioning guns than the Kel-Tec versions in my opinion.

You know that there are only a certain number of plots in the entirety of literature, right? Depending on the scholastic theory you follow, it's usually between 7 and 20 plots. Everything for the last thousand years has essentially been a derivation of one of those same plots.

Guns are similar. It's a tool that shoots fast pieces of metal. There are only so many crazy new innovations that can happen. Gonna hate on every non-Colt company making a 1911?

I, for one, am interested. I always was interested in the P22, but the cheap slide and less-than-ideal functioning turned me off.
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