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As for my week.....besides the demands of "real job" & family...

..I am trying to bring a concept for a novel firearms accessory from inception to reality!

Inception was approximately 2 or so weeks ago...

..since then lots of time invested trying to refine the concept in my mind,

..then procuring materials, discussing fabrication details with my machinist/welder, designing prototypes,

..including an out-of-state trip to discuss details with an CII/SOT manufacturer/partner on Thursday.

The prototypes are almost finished....(testing should be sometime this week)

..hopefully they will be WORKING prototypes..

..if not redesign & re-fabricating until either I am sure the idea cannot be easily be made to function properly..

..or it does work...

..then patent submission & submission for ATF approval.

If all the hurdles can be cleared...

Even a "base hit" should have substantial financial gains & lifestyle improvement....

(though we are not exactly slackers now )

..a "home run" could be a real "game changer"!

Regardless...nothing ventured....nothing gained!
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