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I have one of those remora holsters and it's really not that great for me for the following reasons:

1. I carry aiwb with the holster next to my skin. Just don't like the grippy feeling it gives to my stomach.

2. I've tried to carry it aiwb and after sitting and standing a few times, the remora DOES move inside my pants. Usually it moves up and I have to adjust it downwards.

3. Mine has the reinforced top. If you compare it side-by-side with say a Dale Fricke Archangel, it is quite a lot thicker and wider. Takes up more room in my pants.

4. The remora I have is not open on the muzzle end. I can debris getting trapped inside the holster....

For the money, I guess it's ok, but for me a kydex holster is the best of all worlds. The Dale Fricke Archangel is easy on/easy off with the two snaps, is very thin and comfortable against my skin and feels secure on a good gun belt. That's my 2 cents....
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