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Hey all-

I just purchased a Masterpiece Arms Protector II, in .380. Cool little gun, and thought I'd do a quick review of initial impressions. I have lost some weight and concealing a G 27 is becoming a bit more difficult, plus, I just wanted a pocket gun.

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I have had the little legos, Kel-Tecs and the LCP. Sold them. No problems, just could take it or leave it kinda thing. I am staying away from the Diamondbacks because too many bad reviews.

This weapon is all metal, and NOT a polymer frame. The fit and finish are excellent. Weighs only 2 more ounces than the LCP unloaded, and is smaller. Mine came with a single groove in the top of the slide for sighting, not with the raised sight pictured above.

After a good cleaning, I shot 18 rounds of Cor-Bon through it, with no problems at all. Good feeding, ejecting, and accurate enough for what it is. Trigger reset is consistent and similar to the Kel-Tec, which is all the way at the top (beginning) of the pull. Mine came with the pinky extension on the mag, which I removed. The weapon comes with one mag with a std. floorplate, and a pinky extension, as well as an extra magazine spring. Manual says the extra mag spring is included with the pistol to accomodate a wide variety of the ammo choices out there. First I have heard of something like that, but anyway. The mag release is shown above on the right side rear of the grip, which is good for a pocket gun, allowing for sure mag releases and no accidental mag drops resulting from pressures of pocket carry. Well thought out ergos on the weapon make it a comfortable draw from the pocket from a blackhawk #1 pocket holster.

Gun carries well and literally fits in the palm of my hand. I opted for the stainless finish, due to only being a few more bucks than blued. I purchased it at Bud's gunshop online, and have just over 300 in it to include FFL fees. Pretty hard to beat.

Safe shooting, everyone.
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