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Originally Posted by emt1581 View Post
Two ways I'm is with a desalinator. The other, I've READ, is through the use of an enema. Supposedly the water can permeate/be absorbed through the intestines while the salt is discarded...or something along those lines. Do I have a bottle of fleet or tubing in my preps for such a Because I haven't seen the ocean in about 12 years, unfortunately, and if it made it's way a few hundred miles to me keeping myself hydrated anally would be least of my concerns at that point...

Desalinator. A personal unit can be purchased for $1000 or less.

I used to work on swordfishing boats, among others.

On the sword boats we had large scale desalinators to produce fresh water ice for cooling and freezing our catch and/or bait. We also had squid jigging machines to catch the bait and the ocean provided food.

Our sea time was limited only by the amount of deisel fuel we could carry, which on a 90 foot vessel was the equvilent of about 45 days worth at continous operation.

I'll pass on the enema bag.
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