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Originally Posted by LongGun1 View Post
I would guess a provisional patent application would be submitted then.
Be careful with provisionals!

A GOOD provisional takes almost as much effort to write as a regular application. A poorly written provisional can bite you in the butt later as your final application can ONLY contain subject matter that was contained in the provisional. So if you change your design you might get hosed!

You may be better off filing a real application, and then doing a continuance later once you have refined the design. The same restrictions still apply, but by doing a real application, it will force you to REALLY think out the design and get the basic element and the inventive points correctly defined.

Our on-site patent attorney says that if you file a provisional to get a quick filing, it will probably be so vague it won't provide any protection. By time you write a provisional that is detailed enough to provide proper protection, you might as well just do a normal filing.

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