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Originally Posted by VIPRETR2 View Post
From what I understand you can not build an unregulated firearm out of regulated parts. In other words you can't build an unregulated HBAR with a regulated receiver. Once the lower is "in the system" it stays forever. I wouldn't advise building an HBAR like this and trying to sell it as unregulated in Maryland.
Sorry. I don't stop in this sub-forum very often.

When I bought my Colt HBAR (Colt Sporter Match HBAR to be exact), in July, 1994, the dealer submitted the 'paperwork' on this rifle, even though according to the law(s), he didn't have to.

Now, IF I ever decide to sell it, this rifle has to be transferred just like it was a 'restricted' arm, in Maryland.

Once in the system . . . always in the system.
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