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You have been called out and you have not answered. If it is because something has happened and you cannot, I hope that you can get that resolved as soon as possible.

If have not responded because you are a liberal, liberty stealing, hate mongering troll and you know that you cannot defend anything that you claim. I am glad to see that you now realize that you stand in an indefensible position and no longer wish to be show you errors in thought. So your response to this is, no response.

To everyone who enjoys their freedoms, The attacks of those who wish to take them from you are all around us, they will sometime try to appear to be the "reasonable" version of us,presenting compromise of the truth as a safe and fair way to do things. Don't be fooled, they are far more dangerous then the self espoused haters of freedom and liberty. Don't let them spread their lies unchallenged. That is what they want and need us to do in order for them to convince those who are to comfortable in life to think for themselves.
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