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Alday Family Massacre

This horrible family massacre occurred on May 14, 1973 in Donalsonville, Georgia. I remember hearing about it in the news while in high school, and it happened over 100 miles from my hometown. I never really paid much attention to the incident at that time, but for whatever reason the sad story stuck in my memory.

Two unrelated personal events not associated with the Alday massacre had a lasting impact on me. I've had a part-time job in high school working in a small mom & pop grocery store. After the owner was nearly killed by two punks using an axe, I began thinking about personal safety. The two young men thought they had killed the owner and threw him in the meat locker. The good news is that he lived through the ordeal as he was only knocked unconscious. Worked as a bank teller during summer break back in 1976, and it got robbed after I had left to go back to college. The two robbers threatened to kill all of the bank personnel during the holdup. Fortunately no one was hurt. That left a negative impression on me about how easy someone else can take your life.

Whenever I'm in a hurry leaving my house and don't feel like carrying, I simply recall the Alday Family Massacre. It then becomes an easy decision to go back and pick up some type of protection.

If you are not familar with the story, one can google the Alday Family Massacre for the details. Several books have been written about the unfortunate incident. It is really sad that most Georgia residents are not even aware that the killings took place. May 14, 1973 is certainly one of the dark stains in Georgia history, and it should not be forgotten. Those that do remember the Alday deaths have lost faith in the Georgia judicial system to a degree. I certainly have and that's why I carry.
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