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Veterans with Fiduciaries on NICS database

In October when I went to renew my CCW license, I was rejected because they said I was on the FBI NICS database. I am a veteran with a passed bout with PTSD and have my wife as my fiduciary. Although I have had my license for 16 years since Texas started issuing CCW it did not matter. No, I was not evaluated if I was a danger to myself or anyone else. The FBI just took the veterans fiduciary database and dumped it on their NICS database. So, now all those veterans coming back from the middle east are not going to go to the VA for PTSD, in fear they also will be put on the NICS. We were ready to give our lives for people of other countries to have our rights. Now we have lost them! Now, "Be judged by 12 or carried by 6" has taken on a new meaning. I am handicapped from diabetes, neuropathy, back hearniated disc, new knee replacement. I was using my CCW to protect myself and family. But, now if I do, I will be outside of the law. Are you enjoying the change? Brady law, gun control loving leaders, combine to take what we have fought for so hard in our lives. Our rights!
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