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I've tried to contact this KTknives guy a couple of different ways and so far the guy seems to have disappeared.

The reason for going with a straight, standard, 10mm case that is not necked down is so that there is no need to buy a new barrel. Another advantage is that alternating rounds (.223XR, 10mm, .223XR, 10mm, etc.,) could be loaded in the same mag. And there are a bunch of other benefits as already discussed in this thread.

At any rate, this project is technically not all that difficult. All we really need is a good machinist. The sabots could actually be "production machined" out of Teflon rod... so technically, we really don't even need to have a plastic injection mold made and mold them in order to have them fairly cheaply. And, technically we don't want to make a mold until we get the sabot design dialed in right... so... it's back to machining. Also, if there is a sabot for another caliber that is already made for .223, which there is, (.308) we could conceivably start with a "go between" sabot to carry that sabot... (.400 -.308). But, again, it's likely back to machining because i don't think any such sabot already exists. I can't believe we don't have a machinist amongst us... or at least someone with a metal turning lathe.
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