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Originally Posted by bmwmpb View Post
4. Check recoil spring by... pull[ing] the slide back and slowly let forward to see how slide goes into full battery.
When I bought my used Glock, I did this. I also did it quickly. Each time, the gun functioned just fine, including locking back on an empty magazine as it's supposed to. What I didn't realize, however, (because I wasn't familiar with how all the 'parts & pieces' should look) was that the end of the 'captured recoil spring/guide rod assy' was missing so that the spring was no longer 'captured.' While it didn't effect the gun's functioning, it was nevertheless broken... Only a quick field strip would have shown me that.

If I had known, I would have still bought the gun but I would have had a great bargaining chip with which to drive the great price I paid even lower...

I guess the saying is true-- "Knowledge is power."
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