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Originally Posted by Tim151515 View Post
I know right. an ar rifle is only good if it is ready to go to battle in the mountains of afghanistan right now. those people who just want one to have fun with at the range without all the extra features that is the price of a handgun or less are just wasting their money
Naw. But I have given up trying to tell people to buy this or buy that. I just try and answer the question they presented. I have an affinity for Noveske Rifles but I am willing to drop $2k+ on a rifle. I understand many cannot. So there are Colts, Daniel Defense, LMT... then there are also BCM, LWRT, Stag... and of course we can't forget PSA, BM, Armalite, Ruger, SIG... it is just a laundry list of guns and everyone has an opinion.

Mine for this thread is that there are many other things I would drop $600 on and a DPMS Sportical or S&W Sportical are not on that list.
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