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It is also almost midnight here and I am very tired but cannot sleep so .... I guess the long and short of it is this.

CivilianSheepDog I like you (as most on this forum). I wouldn't and don't want to steer someone wrong. I am 100% confident that you will be better served saving up $385 more dollars and buying a Colt 6920. It will serve you well and you will enjoy it for years. And no, just for the record I don't love Colts. I don't consider them to be the end-all-be-all rifle like many parrot every single day on other boards. They are just a very good value for the money and really a solid gun that your grand kids will be able to enjoy.

Or you can easily find uppers & lowers slightly used on sale on many M4 forums that are great value. BCM for instance allows you to build your upper and lower and have them shipped seperately. If you wish (and I recommend should you choose to 'build' yourself) is as stated above by buying a complete upper and then buying a stripped lower of the same brand you found your upper because the hugh of the coloration varies from makers and they can look purplish or grey or black depending so having them match and having a matched rifle will help in resale should you do so later down the road.

Then go ahead and assemble the stripped lower from a DD/PSA/etc parts kit (or whatever parts kit you get a deal on... I would avoid DPMS to be honest but some on here found they have had no issues with so I will leave it at that).

Then you have a decent AR for about $800 total after everything is said and done. Else, just get a Colt. Buying a quality AR is pricey. Buying another AR to replace and upgrade the lesser one you bought is where it gets expensive.
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