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Originally Posted by runcible68 View Post
The Occupy Wall Street people are scum? What? Gimme a break. They're just voicing their opinion as is their Constitutional right. A right people have fought and died for. Just because YOU disagree with them does not mean they are "scum." I don't like a lot of things about the Tea Party, but I'm not calling for their heads on pikes.

A lot of what the Tea Party says is correct. But so is a lot of what the Occupy people are saying. This economy is killing us, and it's an situation that has developed in large part due to the action of BOTH parties. Both conservatives and liberals!

This mess is the result of deregulation, corporate greed, the average Joe being greedy and living beyond his means, bad fiscal policies stretching back to Reagan and the total unfairness of the tax code. We should be holding banks and corporate America to account! But a lot of lower middle class to middle class Republican men vote against their own financial self interest. They want deregulation and lower income taxes on the off chance they will become rich someday. Well, most of us will never be millionaires and billionaires.

We've got a lot of work to do in this country. And people on both sides have to drop the rhetoric and get to work. If all you've got is mindless Rush, Hannity and Maddow hyperbolic talking points, you're not serious about making this country work again.
While much of your prose is dead on, the problem is the people and their egos. "I am right an you are wrong!" mentality is the real problem. The fact that both sides are so polarized that neither can take the time to step back and see that they are just as much right as they are wrong.

My granny taught me that when you point a finger and lay blame on someone else there are always three fingers pointing back at you... so you better have your back yard clean and tidy BEFORE you start pointing a finger. And that's the problem, nobody wants to step up and say "Hey! Damn I am not really part of the solution and I don't have my house in order!" You can thank Bush in part for that due to his "If your not with us, you're against us!" rhetoric.

I agree, both the Tea Party and the Occupy folks have their valid points. The problem is how the Occupy folks have gone about it.
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