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For Illinois residents: Are pigs about to fly?

The United States District Court for Central Illinois is currently hearing Moore v. Madigan in which the complainant, Michael Moore and the Second Amendment Foundation are suing Lisa Madigan, the Attorney General of Illinois, concerning the prohibition of carrying firearms for personal protection in Illinois.

The case has been ongoing since last Spring. The Judge has just released the transcipt of the oral arguments that were made last August. You can read it here:

Moore v. Madigan

This is considered the last hurdle before the Judge renders an opinion. Reading the transcript is interesting because the Judge seems to be leaning towards issuing an injunction against the State of Illinois which would in effect, end the State's Unlawful Use of Weapon statue.

In another case, this one in the Southern District, Shepard v. Madigan, plantiff Mary Shepard, a 76 year old church secretary who was beaten and left for dead by a parolee is also nearing a resolution. Shepard, who holds both Florida and Pennsylvania concealed carry permits was forbidden to carry a pistol for self defense when she was beated and robbed while in Illinois. Illinois law denies her right to self-defense.

Meanwhile, House Bill 148, the the Family and Personal Proection Act is still alive and gaining more sponsors in the Illinois House. The Bill is ready to be voted on and if a Federal Judge orders and injunction against the State concerning the Unlawful Use of Weapon Statue, HB 148 could be passed immediately. It missed passing a super majority last May by a vote of 65-31 in favor (71 were mneeded to insure pre-emption and to ov er ride a possible veto by the Governor). Since that time, it has gained another four sponsers

Things are changing in Illinois. With Wisconsin passing their concealed carry law, Illinois is the single State left where its citizens have no right to self protection.

It's beginning to look like that will happen this year.
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