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Originally Posted by cheapshot View Post
Don't get your hopes up too high. Anybody that thinks the leaders of that corrupt state[Madigan, Cullerton, and Rahm] are gona roll over and let a concealed carry bill go thru without these cases going all the way to the supreme court is dreaming! They're makin progress, but concealed carry is a ways off for the state of Chicago.
And, even if the SC slapps IL's laws down, expect the same situation as exists in DC where the permitting process is so convoluted, expensive, and difficult as to put CCW out of the reach of any but the the very wealthy and politically well-connected.
Governments are about the acquisition, extention, and exercise of power by an elite, who will then use that power to rule a peasantry for fun and profit.

Sauron lives, and his orc minions are on the march.
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