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I've been following this fairly closely. Think about it. Rahm is the mayor of illinois. Mike Madigan is speaker of the house. His daughter is attorney general. That legislature is not gona just roll over and give in. Even if one of the cases goes the right way, it will be appealed into the next millenium. And if anyone thinks that a judge is going to strike their uuw laws and that will mean instant concealed carry is NUTS! Aint gona happen in illinois until it's forced to. And that's gona be a good long while, if ever. Really sux. They thought they had the votes in the house last year, but Madigan put a stop to it at the last hour, just like he will AGAIN. No amount of pressure is going to make it happen in illinois until it comes from SCOTUS. Concealed carry in illinois this year? Yeah right.
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