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Thanks, I feel like I've come "full circle" back to what I had before I started all this buying, selling and trading,LOL.
I had that Taurus 605, 357Mag snub for about a year and a half and loved it. Only reason I sold it was because my truck needed some parts to keep it running. Now after going thru a Glock G26, Beretta 92F Compact and PX4 Storm in 40cal I'm back to a 5 shot snub nose revolver,LOL. Only took what, a year or so.
If anyone wonders why I went with the 13# trigger spring it's because the factory spring(blue color) was the same length as the Wolff 13# so it looks like the factory had a light spring in this gun from the get go so that's why. Also, I polished up the DA sears and sides of the part the trigger spring goes into so it has a silky smooth DA trigger now. Can't wait to get out and put 5 rounds thru it to see how it'll shoot.
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