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Thanks for the spreadsheet!

I don't have a GHB or BOB. I decided to score my hunting bag to see how close it gets me as a GHB.

  • Shelter 6 - Wool Blanket, rain poncho
  • Hydro 5 - 2 16 oz water bottles
  • Food 4 - peanut butter, power bars and jerky
  • Fire 6 - flint/mag stick, wood matches, and lighter
  • Portable 6 - High-school book bag type
  • Navigation 3 - It's a lanyard compass thank you very much.
  • Durable 3 - Torn and taped
  • Defense 6 - Gerber Multi tool, Buck 103 skinner, Ontario Air Force survival knife, Wyoming Bone/Camp saw.
  • First Aid 3 - Mine is actually a homemade hiker's kit with moleskin antiseptics and NSAIDs. I should get a negative score, because I require daily Rx and I don't have them in the bag.
  • Comms 1- I guess I get 1 for having a whistle.
Congratulations! Your score is: 47.5

I keep my hunting bag in my trunk at all times. It has a few items in it that may not be useful in an urban GHB or BOB; like scent blocker, doe scent, a safety harness and an orange cap, but it also has 40 feet of para-cord, duct tape, hand and foot warmers, 2 knife sharpeners, a mini-mag flashlight, a small lantern, an led headlamp, a mini fish tackle kit and a small jar of peanut butter.

Too much weight and overkill in some aspects (a lot of cutlery) and yet missing the very basics (like my meds!). It still seems like a good starting point. I actually need my hunting bag to be a GHB. There is so much crossover between a GHB and my hunting bag that seems like I'd end up moving things back and forth or buying duplicates that I can't afford. Maybe a better organized bag with better choices, a water filter and my meds could do double duty. I'll also never be able to keep a firearm in the bag since I work at a school and that is a no-no.
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