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Originally Posted by WarCry View Post
A few things here:

This thread was posted about a court case, NOT a piece of legislation. This court case - and another that's still ongoing - have requested a permanent injunction that would bar law enforcement from enforcing the parts of IL law that restrict carrying firearms. No exceptions for government buildings, no exceptions for bars, no requirements for training or licensing. They're asking for full Alaska-style carry: If you're legal to own it, you're legal to carry it. The legislation isn't involved in these decisions.

The other side IS the legislation, and BudMan is right. The bill fell less than 10 votes from passing in the House last year, and because of these court cases, several of the "hard-charger, never-gonna-happen" Chicago politicians have gotten scared. Representative Brandon Phelps - the Democrat from southern IL that introduced the CCW bill last year - told his peers they could pass the law that he worked on that included certain requirements and exceptions, or they could NOT pass it and the courts would decide with no other input. Guess what? They bill didn't pass, and the courts are looking at dropping that BIG hammer. So, now the naysayers are starting to say "Well, maybe we can work something out."

BudMan is right. There will be celebrations one way or the other for 50 states with carry rights coming VERY soon.
Guess we'll have to wait and see huh? I still think you're underestimating the political strength of the chicago crew. The McDonald case was considered a major win for gun owners in chicago. As i understand it, it's a MAJOR, EXPENSIVE, undertaking to go thru all the hoops put into place by the chicago machine immediately after that decision was handed down. And i do understand the difference between the legislatio and the court cases. The group that says that concealed carry is coming soon is saying that the pressure from these cases is going to change enough votes to make the legislatio pass when it is brought back up. The sponsor of the bill THOUGHT he had enough votes the first time. Turns out he didn't because Madigan put the pressure on at the last hour. And it will happen again. If anyone thinks that putting "pressure" on those that call the shots in that state is going to change anything, well, i respectfully disagree. Those people have been thumbing their noses at court decision for decades and still are. McDonald for example. If it wasn't for that cesspool of a city called chicago, the state would have had their rights restored years ago.
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