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Originally Posted by glockfanbob View Post
Guess it's time to start the search for a new gun again.
Nope, I lived with my Taurus 605 for over a year and a half and was perfectly happy with it. I think this one will fill the hole left by having to sell that revolver nicely.
I would like to get a full size K or L Frame gun for HD or maybe another 40cal semi of one kind or another but this little gun has found a home to stay. It just fills it's niche too well to ever get rid of it.

Originally Posted by fastbolt View Post
Cutting spring coils off the factory spring, or using a lighter rated aftermarket spring, can impede the speed of the rebound slide.

Also, and perhaps more noticeably for owner/shooters, lightening the rebound slide spring can result in a slower, and perhaps less brisk trigger recovery.

How fast trigger recovery occurs affects how fast you can fire the revolver (without short-stroking it).
That's why Jerry Michelick actually uses a heavier then stock trigger rebound spring in his guns. He shoots so fast he needs more spring pressure to get the trigger reset for his next shot.
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