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I have heard rumors that the gun control people want to eliminate pistols and CCW in NY for years. So I figured get it now, before its to late. I live in a pretty crime free area, way out in the country. I used to carry my ar15 when out in the woods cutting wood or whatever, but its usually in the truck or on the 4wheeler and that doesnt do much good there, so having my glock 20 on my side in case of a wild animal attack is the better option. You never know, the one time you might need that glock and dont have it you might not live to tell a bout it. So since its my right living in the USA I carry my glock 27. I hope I never ever have to pull it and use it on a person, but if I do, I will do it without hesitation, because I can carry it, I do carry it and I train alot with it. I shoot almost every day. Im not a doomsdayer or anything, but you just never know when it might come in handy.
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