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Originally Posted by KarlThomas View Post
You seemed pretty in love with that PX4, but I know how it is only having one gun.
I really did like it a lot, it was a great gun for HD or as a full size holster gun but for CCW it was just too big. I've carried this little 642 every day, all day since I've gotten it and I don't even notice it's there half the time, I love it. With the hip grips I have a second option for carry if I need to go for deep concealment and the Fobus Paddle is nice for GP carry and easy off and on if I need to go into someplace that doesn't allow carry.
I'm still going to give a couple other grip types a try, these little hip grips really bust your thumb pretty good when you're shooting. It's not the recoil, recoil isn't much but it's the velociety of that small amount of recoil that really hits ya'. I think when I get some mild handloads put together it'll be better. Going to start with a 158gr SWC home cast over 4.3grs of Unique. If that works out then I'll bump it up to 4.5grs then finally 4.7grs if all goes well.
That's the great thing about handloading, I can taylor ammo to my needs and wants. I don't see why everyone that's into shooting doesn't handload as well, it's a hobby in and of it's self.
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