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Hows everybody tday? Its been a while.

Goods news... When we skinned the doe I ended up recovering the 135gr Nosler JHP. It had made it all the way (diagonally, as she was quartered to me just a tad) through the chest cavity, (where everything was just moosh ), continued through the opposite shoulder and was found in the thick fatty tissues just between the hide and meat.

I was surprised in two ways after this experience using this ammo on whitetail deer. First i was surprised when i field dressed the animal and found all the fragmentation. When at first i couldn't find the slug or an exit I just couldn't make myself believe that the entire thing just fragged apart like that. But thats what I came to... Upon finding the slug, i was even more surprised to see such a nice mushroom still intact as it should be. So it had me baffled... I was curious to see the new weight.

Here are a couple pics. The slug retained 93-94 grains(cheap scale, went back and forth). From 135 that gives 42 grains of frag. Im glad we eventually found it. It help put an ending to my doubts and misunderstanding of what had happened with the bullet.

The 10 Ring
The 10 Ring

Even though i will no longer be using the Corbon 135gr JHP for deer. Ill take performance like that anytime! I've since developed a 180gr XTP handload from my 6" LW barrel that i am really liking. Ended up settling for a little lower velocity than i was expecting but wow is it accurate! I'll report on that load some other time from the G20 and the Mech Tech CCU. But...

That's my deer hunting report for the season. Sorry i was a little late. Hope you found it interesting.
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