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Originally Posted by BudMan5 View Post
We are holding Town Hall meetings in all of the Chicago neighborhoods and explaining the historical aspects of how the Firearms Owners identification card and the Unlawful Use of Weapons Statues came into being after the 1968 riots. Thety are all based on the racist decision by the first Mayor Daley to do everything in his power to prevent African-Americans from getting guns.

I know this is true because I was a white Illinois police Officer in 1969 and was there when it happened.

As the voters of Chicago are learning the truth, they are going to their Aldermen/State Representatives and State Senators and asking, "WTH?"

The voters can take the politicians power away and it is happening and the politicians are getting scared and desperate.
.How the uuw laws came to be in your state have nothing to do with this discussion. The real issue here is the fact that there are 100's of thousands,[if not millions], of welfare recipients in chicago. some of them are 3rd and 4th generation "employees of the state". These people vote! They do so to maintain their "way of life". The same reps that they vote for are the SAME reps that are the stumbling block for anything your downstaters want, such as concealed carry. YOUR governor was elected in 3 counties. That's right. He carried only 3 counties out of 102. Needless to say, those 3 weren't downstate. No amount of town hall meetings are going to sway the reps that do as the chicago machine TELLS them to do! As a side note, i read somewhere that a handful of illinois state reps in the northeast part of you state are also employees of the city of chicago! Is this true? If so, who do you think is going to be "bending their ear"? Thats right--Rahm. I must say i admire your perserverance and wish you the best of luck. And i'll be back next year to ask "What went wrong? Did someone mis-lead you?"
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