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AR opinions wanted

I have a super nice DPMS 308 that I have put every available option on it to make it a super AR style 308. It has an 18" bull barrel, a full 3 lb JP trigger system, Burris Extreme Tactical mounts, a Hogue overmold grip, 5 extra Pmag expensive magazines, and a really nice Leupold VX-1 4x12 Scope. It will knock the fleas off of a dog from a long way out! My reason for posting is that I am thinking of selling it and getting a real high end M4 like a Daniel Defense or something like it, with a very nice optic. The new AR would be used for a HD AR which I don't have one of. My question is should I sell my my fine 308 and get an excellent M4 carbine, or keep it,and be happy with the the excellent LR-308 that I have? I have pistols for HD but I know that the 5.56 is arguably the best home defense rifle available. I don't have a long gun to fill that niche and I am itching for an M4, and my 308 will make someone a very happy man if I decide to go that route. Should I keep what I have or sell it and go with my gut?
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