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Originally Posted by byf43 View Post
There are several decent shotguns that 'can' do HD duty, but, for my $$$, there will always be a Remington 870 on duty.

I've owned a couple Mossberg 500 shotguns.
I had some issues with the one that I depended on. Mossberg repaired it (twice) and the issue remained.

I prefer Remington 870.
I have an old M12 in the corner of my bedroom - it holds 7 rounds.

If I were looking for something to replace it I'd go with the 870 too. Very rugged and you can buy them cheap. I subscribe to a dealer from TX that routinely has used 870's (Wingmaster, not Express) for under $200.

They're great as is or, for <$200, cut the BBL, extend the mag and add tactical stock - go mod. A HD shotgun doesn't need to be pretty - just functional.
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