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Three things to dislike about stock BHPs:
1. Triggering - you have to guess when the trigger resets, even after eliminating that dang mag safety.
2. Iron sights are not so easy to acquire quickly.
3. Safety is not so large.
Some people are more sensitive to hammer bite than others.

Things not to like about CZ75s in general:
1. Not much slide real estate for racking.
2. A tad heavy for what they do.

That said, I feel that the CZ75 is a more modern platform that has been amenable to customization in lots of directions. Either would make an excellent gun that will save your hide with extreme prejudice if required.

That said, I have never owned a BHP and still own two of the three CZ75s that I have bought. A P07 Duty replaced my G19, and a SP01 Phantom replaced my G17 for EDC purpose, respectively.
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