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Originally Posted by Ruggles View Post
I have sold more firearms than I could recount right now, upwards of 40-45 I would guess. Only really regret 1 (Colt 5" Metropolitan .38 Spl) so I have no issue with you selling your .308 if you want a AR15. Selling guns to buy other guns if pretty common practice it seems.

I would just say that with the glut of AR15s on the market right now your might want to look as buying one and keeping the .308, there are some really great deals on ARs right now for not much money. And of course you could just buy it piece by piece to budget it out if you want.
Yep, selling and trading keep my current wants satisfied for the most part. If I have something rare, I may keep it for a while longer in hopes of appreciating in value, but otherwise they are pieces to a hobby. No real sentimental value. I have no problem trading in vehicles for newer ones either. Seems like the same concept to me.

If it were me and I wanted a 5.56 carbine over a .308 rifle, I would have no problem selling it. Worst case scenario is you want a .308 again at which case there are many many many options out there.
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