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Originally Posted by cheapshot View Post
I assume you are aware of the Moore vs. Madigan decision handed down 2/3? Still bettin on concealed carry 1/1/13? Not a chance. Still several years away, if then. And ONLY if obama doesn't get re-elected in the meantime and appoint another Kagan to the group.
There's still an open case in the courts - Shepard v. Madigan - and if that fails, one or both will go to the Supreme Court (which, honestly, is where you're going to get the longest-reaching result).

And even then, I still expect the law to be passed in the legislature in this year's session anyhow. That's how the pendulum is swinging, even with a few reps from Chicago.

A doom-and-gloom attitude, pessimism in the face of all that's going on, makes no sense to me.
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