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Originally Posted by WarCry View Post
There's still an open case in the courts - Shepard v. Madigan - and if that fails, one or both will go to the Supreme Court (which, honestly, is where you're going to get the longest-reaching result).

And even then, I still expect the law to be passed in the legislature in this year's session anyhow. That's how the pendulum is swinging, even with a few reps from Chicago.

A doom-and-gloom attitude, pessimism in the face of all that's going on, makes no sense to me.
Not doom and gloom. I have stated before that i believe Illinois will get concealed carry after a period of several years. And i still believe that. It will happen if, and only if, one of these cases happens to get all the way thru SCOTUS successfully. As i've said before to others, No amount of pressure from anyone is going to make any difference to Madigan and his machine. History proves this. I truly admire the optimism of some of the people involved in the struggle, but it is a small group that thinks this will happen this year thru legislation. No, not pessimism, realism if you truly have a clear picture of how chicago politics works. As i've said before, I'll be around after the legislative session is over to ask what went wrong. Hopefully i will have to eat my words, but i'm willin to bet i don't. Good luck Sir!
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