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I've wanted a good lawyer for this reason for years. However, every time I talked to someone knowledgeable enough to know of one the conversation always ends the same "this is who I went with but they aren't in town/practicing anymore".

I'd gladly pay $85/yr. for an excellent legal defense. Hell, if I live another 50yrs or so, that's only $ I'm sure the price will go up in the future but way you're getting good representation for $4K nowadays...

Thing is, I've seen many SD shoots around here and none of the DA's have even hinted at prosecuting them. In fact, they are VERY quick to say the shooting was justified. Two weeks ago three teens knocked an older guy off his bike and proceeded to kick the piss out of him and then rob him. He pulled out a gun, killed one, wounded another and the other guy and the wounded one was immediately charged. THAT is how the law should work!! Not me, the good guy, having to worry about the criminal getting sympathy!

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